How to Erase All Data on Android Phone or Tablet

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If you are planning to sell your old android phone to get a new one, you will have to be aware of certain things. A study conducted by one of the popular security software agency Avast suggests that the factory reset option that comes built in with the Android operating system is not effective in complete wiping your personal data. To test the efficiency of the built-in application, Avast bought 20 used Android phones from eBay and they found that they were able to recover more than 250 contacts, 750 emails, 40,000 photos and text messages from these 20 used phones. Also, they found that four owners previously owned a specific phone and all their identities were recovered. It is actually risky as there are chances of your personal data to get caught in the hands of some unruly individuals.


So, the best thing you should do is to look for ways to complete erase data from your Android phone before selling it. Android Data Eraser can do this job for you in a perfect manner. This data erasing tool is designed for Android users to completely erase the data from their phone before it is sold to some other individual. It makes use of the US Military spec over-writing technology to make sure that your data will become irrecoverable. It can conduct an effective scan for identifying any personal data still presented in your phone, even after a factory reset.

Tutorial: How to Wipe Everything from Android Phone/Tablet

Step 1: Install and Open Android Data Eraser on PC

Please click the above download button to save the installation file of Android Data Eraser on a PC or Mac computer. In this tutorial, we will use Windows version as an example. Install the program on a computer with the default installation instructions. Open the program when installation is completed.


android data eraser


Step 2:Connect Android Phone to Computer

Plug the Android phone to the computer by using the USB cable. Then the program can control the device from computer via USB cable. The phone should be detected by the program in a few seconds.


Step 3:Start Erasing All Data on Android Phone from PC

Click green button of "Erase All Data" and type 'delete' to confirm the operation because all the data on the phone will be deleted permanently. There is no way to recover the data after this. So you should be very sure about this. A few minutes later, you will get a branded new Android phone without any previous data on it.


wipe android tablet


In the present circumstances, identity theft is something that is widely heard so you should be careful, particularly when you are planning to sell away your old Android phone to a third party you don’t know. Like the study conducted by Avast, if your data is recovered by any individual purchasing your old phone, there are chances of unauthorized usage. Rather than manually deleting each data, using Android Data Eraser will quicken the process and completely erasing the phone without the chance to recover them in future. In addition, you can use this tool to erase iPhone. And it has more flexible options for deleting individual data.

Win version
Mac version


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