How to Totally Erase iPhone Contacts on Windows and Mac

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iPhone has become the most convenient tool for storing contact names and numbers because you can easily organize them on it. As we all know, phone contacts are one of the most valuable assets on an iPhone. Usually, your contact list includes the names and numbers of your family members, relatives, friends, business associates, and clients. No one wants his/her private contacts to fall on the hands of other people. You need to completely delete them from your iPhone if you are preparing to trade it in or giving it away.


The truth is that when you manually delete the contacts on your phone, they are not gone permanently from your device. They are just there waiting to be overwritten by new data. People who have technical knowledge can easily retrieve them and use them to their advantages. They can use your contact list to contact people and pretend that you asked them to make a deal or to solicit money. This could destroy your reputation. The worst thing to happen is when they come upon your bank account details or credit card and use them to steal money from you. This has happened to other people and this could happen to you. To prevent this from happening, always remove permanently all data that you have stored in your iPhone before selling or trading it in or before giving it away.


How can you do this? iPhone Wiper is the ideal tool to use when cleaning up private date from your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, making them impossible to recover if ever your iPhone falls into criminals' hands. iPhone Wiper uses patent-protected technology utilized by the US military in destroying highly classified data and this renders all information irrecoverable. Aside from obliterating data from your iPhone, it's also capable of sorting out your files from newest to oldest and reminds you to erase old files that you do not use anymore. What's more, it gets rid of junk and temporary files to make more room for important items you want to keep.

Tutorial: Delete iPhone Contacts Completely without Using iTunes

Step 1: Install and Open iPhone Data Eraser

iPhone Wiper is a cross-platform tool that works well on Windows and Mac OS X. Please download the right file from the above link and install the program on your PC or Mac. There is no hassle involved in the installation process. Just follow the default instructions. The program will be launched automatically when installation is completed.


install iphone eraser


Step 2:Connect iPhone to the Computer

Plug the iPhone into a computer with the USB cable. The software requires iTunes for further operation, so make sure iTunes is installed before going to the next step. Once the device is well recogznied by iTunes, the program will detect the device automatically and list the information the brief information about it.


Step 3:Select Erase Private Data from the Options

As you see from the main screen, there are a couple of options displayed on the screen. They are : "ERASE ALL DATA" "ERASE DELETED FILES" "ERASE PRIVATE Data" and "SPACE SAVER". Each option is designed for specific purposes. In this case, choose "Erase Private Data", which deletes contacts, browsing history, cookies, logs, etc… Click the Start button to let the program scan content and settings on the iPhone. It takes a while to complete the scanning process, please do worry about it.


erase browser history


Step 4 Start Erasing Contacts

All the private data is listed on the main screen when the scan is completed as you can see from the following screenshot. You can view the details by checking the specific item. In this case, select Contacts from the left sidebar and click the "Erase Now" button to stat the erasing process. In this time, the task will be finished in a few seconds, which is quite fast. After, all the contacts are wiped cleanly.


Note: Make sure you have backed up the contacts as this will delete the contacts permanently.


iPhone eraseing finished


As a long time iPhone user, iPhone Wiper becomes one of my favorite tools stayed on my computer. Beside data easing, cleaning junk files is the most used functions to help me release more space on my iPhone as it gets only 16G storage. I do it at weekly basis, and there is no need to worry about the storage any more. iPhone Wiper takes care all the aspects of my iPhone. Highly recommended to each iPhone users. Still uncertain about program? Download and test it by yourself. Then you will know how amazing this program it is.



Icey Kamais is a senior editor at The Erasephone, works hard and responsibly write the comprehensive data erasing solution for you.

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