How to Completely Erase Call History from iPhone 7/6S/6/5S

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Used smartphones are usually the target of criminals who know how to steal personal data from those devices because there are so many private details stored on a phone, especially call history which indicates which contacts are important for you. If you think that once you delete information from your cell phone, it is gone forever, then, you're wrong.


The deleted data is still there and can be easily extracted by someone who knows the details on how to do it. The stored information make you vulnerable to data theft in case you lose your cell phone or you resell it, trade it in, or give it away because if it falls to the hands of someone who engages in extracting useful data from used devices, then you will be in danger. To prevent this from happening, always make sure to permanently remove your data from your iPhone by using third-party software designed with that purpose.


For your safety and convenience, I'd highly recommend using iPhone Eraser to permanently delete call history for your iPhone, iPad or iPod. This program utilizes the military data protection standard to prevent data being recovered by malicious people. You are free to remove any kind of personal information on your iPhone within just a few clicks, such as call history, contacts, text messages, photos, etc. If you chose to delete the information by yourself, it would be time consuming and boring task. The most important part is that there are no tracks left on your phone once erased by this program.

Tutorial: How to Remove Call History Forever from iPhone 7/6S/6/5S

Step 1: Install iPhone Eraser on a Computer

iPhone Eraser can be downloaded from above links. Just click the link and the download will be started automatically. Currently, this program supports Windows and Mac OS X. Please download the right file on your computer and follow the built-in instructions to install it on a computer. Double click the desktop shortcut to get started.


open iphone data wiper


Step 2:Plug your iPhone to the computer

You need to connect your iPhone to the same computer which iPhone Eraser was installed. Once your iPhone is successfully attached to the computer, the program will detect your device by default. A short description will be displayed on the top of screen indicating the device is connected successfully.


Step 3:Select the Items You Want to Erase

As you see from the program, there are a couple of erasing options listed on the screen. They are : "ERASE ALL DATA" "ERASE DELETED FILES" "ERASE PRIVATE Data" and "SPACE SAVER". Each option is designed for specific purposes. In this case, choose "Erase Private Data", which deletes call history, cookies, logs, etc… Click the Start button to let the program scan content and settings on the iPad. The scanning process takes a bit of time, please be patient.


remove call history


Step 4 Start Erasing Call History from Your iPhone

All your personal data will be listed on the main screen when the scan is completed. You can check each item to see more details about it, such as how many calls you did. Choose the items you're going to remove and click the Erase Now button to stat the erasing task. It only takes a few seconds to let the call history get deleted permanently.


iPhone eraseing completed


Modern technology has brought lots of conveniences to everyone but if you do not know how to protect yourself, it could bring you problems as well. Be cautious when keeping data in your cell phone such as your call history because it can be used to impersonate you in making business deals and other transactions. Don't hesitate and do have a try on iPhone Eraser, then you will how secure your personal data it is. You can use the program for free in next 15 days. After you have experienced the benefits of using it, you will know how amazing this program it is.

Win version
Mac version


Icey Kamais is a senior editor at The Erasephone, works hard and responsibly write the comprehensive data erasing solution for you.

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