How to Permanently Erase Data from iPhone Before Selling

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Early this morning, I got a few emails from my reader asking how to remove private data stored on iPhone permanently before selling. They also put emphasize on the word ‘permanently' as none of them are willing to get their privacy being leaked with the help of third-party data recovery software. I still remembered that my personal photos were posted on Facebook at someone's account, those photos came from the old device I sold online. I was pretty sure that the photos were deleted with the method provided by Apple: Erase All Content and Settings.


Research has shown that most of the mobile phones and smart phones are selling online with containing plenty of personal private data. This really is shocking! This is not just prove that the original users are not aware of the personal data will be leaked out, they don't care to remove private information, it also because we don't adapt the correct method to completely eliminate data from iPhone device. If you were smart enough and took a step forward, then you will find out that Erase All Content and Settings is not going to delete the data permanently. The data is still on your old iPhone unless it was overwritten by other digits. Fortunately, there is an app called iPhone Data Eraser which is developed with the aim to delete everything permanently on iPhone in a simple way.


iOS Data Eraser is a powerful data wiping tool that provides a much secure way to help you remove personal data on your iPhone. It writes a random set of digits to your iPhone a few times by utilizing the latest patent-protected algorithms. The data is absolutely non-recoverable even by FBI agents. So your privacy is under safe for sure when you give or sell the device to whomever.

Tutorials: Completely Erase iPhone Data without Restore

Step 1. Install iPhone Data Eraser on Your Computer

iPhone Data Eraser is across platform app that supports both Windows and Mac OS X. Download the file according to computer's operating system via above download links. Then install the program on your computer like normal installation. The program will be opened automatically when installation is completed.


Install iPhone Data Eraser on Your Computer


Step 2.Connect iPhone to PC and Choose Erasing Option

Plug your iPhone to the computer with the program installed. And make sure iTunes was installed previously. Currently, there are 5 data erasing modes with the program. They are : "ERASE ALL DATA" "ERASE DELETED FILES" "ERASE PRIVATE Data" "iOS OPTIMIZER" and "SPACE SAVER". You may not know simple deletion is not far enough, in this case, move you mouse on the icon and choose "Erase All Data" from the main screen, which will completely erase all deleted data on your device, including photos, logins, caches, contacts, etc…


iOS eraser models


Step 3 Analyize, Scan the Deleted Data and Start to Erase Them

The program starts scanning the data stored on your iPhone when you input Delete. It will take a few minutes for scanning. When scan is completed, it will remove all data and settings on your device. The entire process will be finished under 25 minutes depending on how many files on your iPhone.


iPhone eraseing model


Deleting information or factory reset on your mobile phone does not mean that it is erased completely. There are a million programs that can fetch data back from a deleted memory or internal memory. As far as I know, iOS Data Eraser is the best option for secure data deletion for any iOS powered device, no matter it's an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. You can test the result with some of the data recovery software to see whether your personal data is recoverable or not. What's more, you can even choose to just remove only a kind of data separately, like browser caches, history, notes, contacts, etc…

Win version
Mac version


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