How to Delete Photos Completely from iPhone 7/6S/6/5S/4S

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One of the most common uses of iPhone is for taking photos due to the high solution camera. Instead of bringing a standalone camera, people now prefer to use their mobile devices for the same purpose. This is convenient and practical because iPhones are handy and they produce high resonant and sharp pictures. Users can directly upload their photos to their social media accounts or have them printed if they wish to keep a hard copy. Photos serve as mementos of memorable events and poses that are captured and frozen in time.


No one is willing to let the private photos being accessed by others, especially for the ones you don't know much. So it's an important task to erase the photos before selling or giving away the iPhone. Sadly, the simple deletion won't remove the photos permanently, which is still recoverable by other software programs. What's more, if you want to delete the photos in bulk to save more storage, iPhone doesn't provide a convenient way to do that. So this comes to the help of iPhone Eraser, the all-in-one solution to completely erase your iPhone or permanently delete files by categories, meaning you are able to delete a kind of file in one time instead of wiping the whole device as this is not necessary in some case, such as this one. We only need to delete photos!


The software is useful in managing data because it gets rid of junk files and installed programs that are running in the background but are not used anymore. Also, files older than a month are highlighted and you will be asked to allow the software to permanently remove them to release more free storage on your iPhone. iPhone Eraser uses military-standard technology utilized to destroy highly classified data that make sure the deleted data is gone forever.

Tutorial: How to Wipe iPhone Photos Permanently

Step 1: Install and Run iPhone Eraser

iPhone Eraser supports Windows and Mac OS X, so you are free to install on either of them. Check your computer and download the corresponding file. Then install the program by following the default wizard. The program will be opened automatically when installation is completed. Below is a screenshot of the program:


install iphone eraser


Step 2:Plug iPhone into the Computer

Connect the iPhone to the computer via the USB cable. The software is dependent on certain functions of iTunes to operate so make sure iTunes is installed on the computer. Once the iPhone is recogznied by iTunes, then the program will detect the device automatically and list a short information about it.


Step 3:Choose Erase Private Data from the Options

As you see, there are 5 options displayed on the screen. They are : "ERASE ALL DATA" "ERASE DELETED FILES" "ERASE PRIVATE Data" and "SPACE SAVER". Each option has its own functions and clearly you can unstand what it implies from the name. In this case, choose "Erase Private Data", which deletes photos, contacts, browsing history, cookies, logs, etc… Click the Start button to let the program scan content and settings on the iPhone. This would take a few minutes to complete, depending on how many files stored on the iPhone.


erase browser history


Step 4 Start Erasing Photos

On the main screen, you can see there are a couple of options displayed on left sidebar when the scan is completed. You can view the details by checking the specific item. In this case, select Photos from the left sidebar and click the "Erase Now" button from the bottom to stat the deleting process. The program will delete photos in bulk and it only takes a few second to finish the task, which is much faster and secure than one-to-one manual deletion.


Note: Make sure you have backed up the photos before easing the photos because this will delete the photos permanently.


iPhone eraseing finished


It's highly recommended to keep your privacy protected at all times. Since no one could access your photos anymore, there will never be a possibility for other to use the files to destroy another person's name and reputation. Download and install iPhone Eraser on your personal computer to test it out and I am sure you will be surprised how useful this program is.



Icey Kamais is a senior editor at The Erasephone, works hard and responsibly write the comprehensive data erasing solution for you.

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