How to Free up More Space on iPhone/iPad/iPod

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The iPhone is an amazing device because of the excellent features and apps it comes with. We all know that more storage means faster running performance. That's the reason why we need to clean up our iPhone to save more space. However experiencing storage issues is a very common problem for most of the iPhone users because iPhone is shipped with a limited storage capacity. The number of applications downloaded from App store can easily eat up the internal memory. Fortunately, you can take proper actions to ensure that you have always enough space left for the important apps that you find most crucial. In addition, when you are going to upgrade to the latest iOS version, it is really important to have sufficient space for that. So it is very important to know how to free up space on iPhone.


You can easily delete files and unwanted data stored in your iPhone by using great third-party software like iPhone Data Eraser. It has several different erasing modes to help user clean their device and get more storage. The best part of using iPhone Data Eraser is that the user interface is so simple to understand that anyone can use it without any problem.The instructions are direct and easy to understand in each step. As we mentioned earlier, this problem has 5 modes to free up space. We only take one for example (iOS Optimizer). For the others, you can try it according to your needs. Below is a short introduction to each mode, please read it carefully:

iOS Optimizer: There are a lot of junks files (caches, tmp data, log, etc…) generated every minute when the iPhone is running. This is the biggest reason why the memory decreases so sharply.

Erase Deleted Files: The truth is that deleted files are still on your iPhone but you can't see them. You should use this function regularly to permanently delete those files.

Space Saver: This will first transfer all your photos to computer for backup and compress the photos in iPhone. The compressed photos are still in good quality, please don't worry about that.

Erase Private Data: If you know which kind of files you want to delete, then this is the best method for that. You can remove files by category, so you don't need to delete them one by one. Supported files including photos, messages, contacts, notes, file attachments, caches, history and cookies.

Erase All Data: This is best for selling your old device. All the data on iPhone will be deleted completely and there is no way to recover the data. Please be aware of that.

Windows version
Mac version

Tutorial: How to Free up Space on iPhone When Storage is Full

Step 1. Get iPhone Data Eraser on Your Computer

iPhone Data Eraser is available for both windows and Mac users. If I already compared both versions, there are just very small differences between them. I will use Windows version for example. First you have to download the .exe file in your computer and then double click the file to install the program on computer. Once you find the installation process is completed then you should open the program.


iPhone storage issues

Step 2. Connect Your iPhone To Your Computer

The program asks you to connect your iPhone to the computer and you can easily plug your iPhone to the computer with the help of USB cable. It takes few seconds to get the your phone recognized by computer and once it is done, the name of your iPhone will be displayed on your computer screen.


Step 3 Choose 1-Click Free up Space as Data Erasing Mode

Your basic purpose here is to erase all the unwanted data from your iPhone so that you can store new data there. This software comes with 5 options and you can see each option individually. It allows you to select the specific files that you want to delete so that you can all the other data safe. Select 'iOS Optimizer' from the main screen and check all the data type in next window. Click 'Start Scan' button to let the program scan all the junk data on iPhone.


junk files on iPhone


Step 4 Start Removing Junk Data to Free up More Space

It will take a few minutes to scan the whole device and once the process is done completely, you can see how many junk data available for cleanup. All these data are listed under different categories, check them if needed. After selection, click 'Cleanup' button to delete them permanently.


clean up iPhone


When you are using iPhone, the safety of your iPhone should be your primary concern. To protect all your personal data, having a third party tool like iOS Data Eraser is really important. The best part of using this software tool is that it is really easy to use so that anyone can use it. If you are looking forward to delete a chunk of files and data then iOS Data eraser could be the perfect tool for you. It can delete a large number of data within a few minutes. The software is made by so powerful algorithm that it can delete your data permanently so that it won't be possible for anyone to retrieve the data and files.


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