How to Erase All Content and Settings from iPhone 6S/6/5S/4S

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You probably stored a lot of personal information on the your iPhone, so it is a wise move to give the device emptied and without any of your previous private data before selling or giving it to other people. Deleting everything on your iPhone by hand is not a good idea. It takes a lot of time, and it is very likely for you not to remember all the info you have stored on it. So, there are high chances that you might forget to delete something, and pass on the mobile device with bits of information that may end up in the wrong hands. iPhone Data Eraser will do this job for you in a very efficient manner, discharging every piece of information saved on the phone, including all the content and settings you made during its use.


But what makes iPhone Data Eraser such an efficient tool in deleting sensitive data? It is not a secret that with the right tools and knowledge, deleted data from a smartphone can be recovered. So even if you try to remove it, it may disappear, but can be found if the device ends up in the wrong hands. iPhone Data Eraser makes sure that won't be possible. It won't only erase the information, but it will also delete any pathway or trace of it, making the recovery impossible by utilizing military powered algorithms. So don't just settle for a manual delete, as it is not safe at all. Keep in mind that there are many criminals out there that will do whatever it takes to get their hands on people's private information. Choose a method of erasing data from a mobile device that is safe and efficient.

Tutorial: Delete iPhone Content and Settings Permanently

Step 1: Back up Your iPhone with iTunes or iCloud (Optional)

The erasing method we are going to use will permanently delete the data, so if there was some important data stored on that phone, make sure back up your device before erasing. Luckily, you can back up your iPhone very easily with iTunes or iCloud. Just in case you need the data in some near future. This step is not mandatory. However, it's highly recommended.

Step 2: Download and Install iPhone Data Eraser

You need to use iPhone Data Eraser to complete the erasing tasks, so please download and install the program on your computer first before further operations. The program can be installed on both Windows and Mac OS X. Kindly choose the right version Launch the program after installation is completed.


install iphone eraser


Step 3:Connect Your iPhone to a Computer

After opening the program, iPhone Data Eraser asks you to connect the iPhone to computer. You can do that with USB cable. When the device was plugged, it should be recognized by the program. If not, please make sure iTunes was installed on the computer.


Step 4:Select ' Erase All Data ' from Option List

When moving mouse from the main screen of iPhone Data Eraser, you can see there are 5 options from the program. They are mainly for erasing deleted files, cleaning junk files, wiping the whole device and compressing photos. In this time, we should select ‘ Erase All Data ' from the list. This will delete all content and settings on the iPhone.


erase all data


Step 5 Start Erasing All Content and Settings on iPhone

Enter ' delete ' to confirm you are going to erase the whole device. Then Click ' Erase Now ' button from the bottom. Then the real erasing process will get started. Keep your iPhone connected during this process.


iPhone eraseing finished



When the task is completed, there will be ‘ Complete ' message displayed on the screen, indicating the whole process is done. All the content and settings was deleted permanently.


iPhone eraseing finished



iPhone Data Eraser is exactly what you need, to make all that information gone. We cannot trust anyone, as they can use in malicious ways whatever they may find on the phone, including phone numbers. Not to mention that many people store photos, videos, or valuable information, like financial information, passwords, or anything that may be compromising.


Still, we do live in odd times, so every extra safety precaution is never too much. You will learn how to use iPhone Data Eraser and how to make sure that when your will give your iPhone away, you will take no risks whatsoever. Also, keep in mind that the incidence of identity thefts is very elevated, statistics showing that one person out of them becomes a victim. iPhone Data Eraser was created so that no one will end up on this situation anymore. You just need to know how to proceed best.


Win version
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