How to Completely Erase Data from iPad before Selling

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It's always a great fun to try out new devices shipped with new features, like NFC payment, Health Kit. The thing I like pretty much about iPad is that the old device can be sold at a relative high price, especially bought within one year. So it's very common among iPad users to change their device, either for a trade-in or sell. However, there comes a problem before trading or selling your iPad. It's called privacy. To protect our privacy being leaked, it's highly recommended to delete all the settings and personal data stored on the iPad.


You know simple deletion or factory reset doesn't completely delete private information, Specific scenarios need Specific tools. We'll identify the best secure-erasing utility – iOS Data Eraser, no matter what type of data you're erasing. It can do great job. This iPad eraser tool utility specify many "passes" to make the erasing process safe, each pass signifies a complete overwrite of the iPad data, it will scan and overwrites your deleted data with ones and zeroes three separate times. It means the more times you overwrite your data, the less likely it is to be recovered. iPad Data Eraser is the best bet on complete data removal among iOS powered devices. There are 4 erasing modes available, which provides a very flexible solution for data erasing. I have been using it for years when I need to sell my old device. And up to now, none of my personal data is leaked online.

Windows version
Mac version

Tutorial: How to Completely Erase Deleted Data on iPad 2/3/4

Step 1. Download and install iPad Data Eraser

Download and install program on your computer via above links. Both Windows and Mac are well supported by the program. After installation, the program will be launched automatically. The main screen is shown like this:


Install iPad Data Eraser on Your Computer

Step 2. Connect iPad to Your Computer and Select Erasing Mode

Plug your iPad to the same computer via USB cable. Once the device is well attached, meaning USB driver and iTunes are installed properly. Your iPad will be auto detected when it was found out by the program. A part of brief information about your iPad will be displayed on the main screen.


Currently, there are 5 data erasing modes with the program. They are : "ERASE ALL DATA" "ERASE DELETED FILES" "ERASE PRIVATE Data" and "SPACE SAVER". Select Erae All Data by moving mouse to the icon.


iOS eraser program


Step 3 Begin to Analyize, Scan iPad Device and Start Erasing

At this point, the program will automatically scan and analyze your iPad device, all the deleted data will be found and showed with details. Select the unwanted data and start to erase. The program starts erasing your iPad after confirmation. This will take a few minutes to completely remove all the content and settings, including apps, photos, contacts, SMS, media library, caches and app data.


iPad eraser


Your iPad will be a brand new one when the erase was complete. All your personal data and system caches are removed permanently for iPad's hard disk and internal memory. Even with the most powerful data recovery software, you have no chance to get a single piece of data from the device you sold. So with this iPad Data Eraser, you don't need to worry about privacy leaks any more. All your privacy is under safety.

Other Erasing Modes but Not Recommended:

There are a couple of ways to get that, such as Erasing All Content and Settings, Find My iPhone App or erasing apps. Although the former two methods are free, I still prefer using the third party erasing app:


1). No network connection needed. All things are done on your computer via USB cable. On the contrary, you need a wifi-connection to use Find My iPhone. And you have no clue what will happen if the connection was corrupted.

2). Take much less time. It will take only a few minutes to delete all the things; however, other methods take hours to complete.

3). More secure. None of the data is recoverable by using erase apps as it writes random digits to existing data.




Icey Kamais is a senior editor at The Erasephone, works hard and responsibly write the comprehensive data erasing solution for you.

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