How to Permanently Delete Notes from iPhone/iPad/iPod

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As we all know, Apple updates its iPhone models in every year. It's no surprise that iPhone users would like to swap their old phones out for newer models. You may have thought about selling, recycling, trading in or donating your old iPhone and buying a recent model. The price of used iPhone can be sold over $100 or more online if they were in good condition. The money gained by selling your old smartphone can be used toward the purchase for the new one with all the bells and whistles attached.


There is only one big drawback: What about all the personal information you have in your phone? Most people have personal notes, addresses, phone numbers, and pictures stored in their smartphone that they would not want to share with a stranger. They may also have visited several websites using their phone, so their personal website history is contained there. Many people store their account info with Notes app, because it is such a convenience. The fact is that hackers can steal such information for identity theft. You may have deleted all of your notes and thought that it was safe. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Computer thieves know how to recover even deleted information with the right codes. Your phone's factory reset is also not a complete remover of personal data. Smartphones are particularly vulnerable to hackers if you just did factory reset on a phone before selling.


iPhone Data Eraser is the answer to this common problem. It removes deleted files permanently by overwriting random sets of digits to your iPhone, rendering them unrecoverable by identity thieves. With this program, you have the option of deleting some or all of your files. This has the added benefits of allowing you to completely remove personal files on an ongoing basis while you still have your phone. It can be used to clean junk files out of your phone as well, with the added benefit of speeding up your phone. It also contains a handy monitoring tool to let you know when your files are vulnerable. Best of all, it is easy to use. It's made easy enough for the average computer user to understand.

Tutorial: How to Erase Notes Forever from iPhone

Step 1: Download and Install iPhone Data Eraser on Your Computer

You can directly download and install iPhone Data Eraser from this site by clicking the download button. However, you need to download the right version of this program because it offers two versions: one is Windows and the other is Mac. There is no tricks during the installation. Open the program when installation is done. When you launch the program, you can see the same as the following screenshot:


iphone note eraser app


Step 2:Attach iPhone to the Same Computer

Connect your iPhone to the computer by using the USB cable. Then the program starts to scan the iPhone and list a short information about the device. If your iPhone couldn't be detected, than you should make sure iTunes and USB driver were installed on your computer.


Step 3:Select 'Erase Private Data' from the Options

As we described on above, This program offers 5 options for data erasing. Each option works as it's own purpose. In order to delete iPhone notes, select ' Erase Private Data ' in this case. However, if you want to erase other things, such as deleted files, or junk files, then you should choose 'Erase Deleted Files'.


wipe iphone notes


Step 4 Preview and Start Erase iPhone Notes Permanently

When you selected a mode, iPhone Transfer will start scanning process on your iPhone. This will take sometime because it needs analyze the whole file system on that disk. When scan was completed, it displays all the files into different groups, such as Photos, Messages. In our case, select ‘ Notes ' from the sidebar. You can even preview each notes before wiping. After selection, then click ‘ Erase Now ' button to begin the real easing process. In this time, it will be finished in a few minutes.


start iphone notes erasing


iPhone Data Eraser can be used in many helpful applications beyond using it to delete notes from iPhone and what we've told you here. It is the answer to one big problem that ordinary computer users have had since the day that the Internet was invented: completely data removal. It will make your smartphone or Android device safer, cleaner, and faster. It should be an app that everyone keeps in his or her hands.

Win version
Mac version


Icey Kamais is a senior editor at The Erasephone, works hard and responsibly write the comprehensive data erasing solution for you.

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