How to Completely Delete Browsing History from iPhone/iPad

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Do you find recently that you don't have enough space to store new apps you really wanted to have in your iPhone or iPad? Or that your mobile phone is very slow in performing tasks? Perhaps, lots of data have been automatically saved in your device such as messages, photos, games, and browsing history. Apps that you installed in the past but you are not using anymore could still be running in the background and using up precious space so much so that you cannot store new data anymore.


You might wonder why this still happens when you have already deleted much of your data. But remember that deleting them the usual way does not mean they have been removed from your device. They are just hidden and they are still occupying space and this is the reason why despite deleting almost everything, your device is still very slow or it refuses to store more data. There is a way of permanently removing files from your iPad and this is the only way to free some space. You can only enjoy fast working phone after you permanently delete browsing history from iPad with the help of iOS Data Eraser.


iOS Data Eraser is the best software to use in order to permanently get rid of browsing history, iMessages, music, videos, photos, contact list, call logs, and other files from your iPad. This program can easily identify the browsing history on your iPad and delete them permanently so there are no traces left in your browsers. It uses the technology utilized by the US military in destroying highly classified data so that they could not be restored anymore. The test result shows that there is no data recovery software sold on market can get anything back once erasing data by this software.

Tutorial: Delete iPhone/iPad Browsing History without Restore

Step 1: Download and install iPad Data Eraser

iOS Data Eraser is a cross-platform utility that works seamlessly on both Windows and Mac OS X. Please download the corresponding file from the above link and install the app on your computer by following the default promote. The program will be opened automatically when installation is completed.


install iphone eraser


Step 2:Plug your iPad to the computer

Connect your iPad and the computer with the USB cable. Please make sure iTunes is preinstalled as this is a must for the later work. Once the device is well connected, the program will detect the device automatically and list the information about it.


Step 3:Select Erase Private Data from left sidebar

As you see, there are a couple of options displayed on the main screen. They are : "ERASE ALL DATA" "ERASE DELETED FILES" "ERASE PRIVATE Data" "iOS OPTIMIZER" and "SPACE SAVER". Each option is designed for specific purposes. In this case, choose "Erase Private Data", which deletes browsing history, cookies, logs, etc… Click the Start button to let the program scan content and settings on the iPad. The scanning process takes a bit of time, please be patient.


erase browser history


Step 4 Start Erasing Selected Items

All the private data is listed on the main screen when the scan is completed. You can view the details by checking. Choose the items you're going to remove and click the "Erase Now" button to stat the real task. In this time, the task will be finished in a few seconds, which is quite fast.


iPhone eraseing finished


Once the items being erased, they will be gone forever and there is no way to get it back. So don't worry the data being leaked when the device is sold to someone. It's also a good practice to optimize your iPad to make it run in a speedy way. With the help of this powerful data-erasing program, you will improve the functionality of your iPad dynastically and get the best user experience. If you want to manage your data well on iPad, then install this software on your computer and clean the unwanted files as desired.

Win version
Mac version


Icey Kamais is a senior editor at The Erasephone, works hard and responsibly write the comprehensive data erasing solution for you.

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