How to Clear iMessage History on iPhone/iPad/iPod

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iPhone has been an excellent smartphone since the release of iPhone 3GS. As an iPhone user you must be very happy with this amazing device. You probably use iPhone for all the personal and professional purposes and you keep most of the documents saved in your phone and the files include your iMessage history and it results in occupying a significant amount of space and that's the reason you should always delete unwanted data from your iPhone.


Do you really know how much data you are storing unknowingly in your iMessages and it is really important to delete those data to save more storage. Deleting each iMessage individually would take considerable amount of time and that's the reason it is really important to delete all the iMessages at a single go. iTunes and iCloud keep the back up of your all the iMessage data and restoring them back won't help you to clear the message cache and in this case you need to take the help of an efficient third party software tool. Most of the iPhone users do not know that deleted data in iPhone is recoverable but iPhone Data Eraser is the most popular third party software that deletes your data permanently from your phone. Now you need to know how to delete iMessages with this tool.


Supported iOS Device: iPhone 7/SE/6S/6/5S/5/4S, iPad and iPod Touch

Tutorial: How to Bulk Delete iMessages History from iPhone

Step 1: Run The Backup Process

After removing the iMessages with iPhone Data Eraser you won't be able to restore any message and that's why it is really important to keep a proper back up of all the crucial iMessages.


Step 2: Download and Install iPhone Data Eraser

This iPhone data erasing tool is available for both Windows and Mac users. You need to download the software from this site first and then install it on your computer. Once the installation procedure is done, you need to launch the software finally on your computer.


install iphone eraser


Step 3:Connect Your iPhone to Computer

Now you have to connect your phone to computer using the USB cable and the phone will be detected by the program in a minute. If the interface says "Failed To Connect" then you have to click the "Trust" button on your iPhone.


erase browser history


Step 4: Start Deleting iMessage History on iPhone

Now you have to choose the "Erase Private Data" on the side panel and then the program starts to scan all the private data stored on this iPhone. After this, you can see all the private data listed in different categories. Check Messages from the left column and press the button "Erase Now". Make you sure that you are actually determined to erase the data as it will clean up all your iMessages permanently on the iPhone.


iPhone eraseing finished


iPhone Data Wiper is an ultimate tool for data erasing. You can delete a specific type of data such as photos, message history or contacts. Or you can erase all the content and settings on any iOS based device. If you found the storage was in short, you can use this tool to delete the junk and tmp files. Besides, all the erased data will be deleted immediately and you can enjoy boosted performance after using this program. Why not give it a try?




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