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How to Totally Delete Keyboard Cache History from iPhone

Deleting keyboard cache is a good habit to protect your privacy. This tutorial has a detailed explanation on how to clear the keyboard cache in a simple yet effective manner.

Solve Storage Full Issue on iPhone/iPad/iPod

If you just have 16 G iPhone or iPad, then it's highly possible to come across storage issues on the device. What need to do to make more room for the device?

How to Clear iMessage History on iPhone/iPad/iPod

It's no doubt that you received too many spamming messages. The question is how to bulk delete them because it annoys and takes up too much space on your iPhone. Please read this tutorial carefully to solve this problem.

How to Clear Browser Cache and Cookies on iPhone/iPad/iPod

Browser cache and cookies would occupy a lot of storage on your iPhone. And you can’t delete them manually because Apple doesn’t offer such a function. You need iOS Data Erasing app to help you out. All the browser cache and cookies will be gone forever with this program.

How to Delete Old Apple ID on iPhone/iPad/iPod

Deleting old Apple ID is crucial things for all iOS device users, especially you are preparing to sell it to someone else. You have to remove the ID in multiple locations.

How to Wipe Everything from Android Phone or Tablet

Many people know a factory reset will erase all data on Android. But this is not secure at all because the data can be easily recovered with special data recovery programs.


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